Gone are those days when we ask strangers or passerby to click a nice snap with our friends or family. An innovative and amazing way to capture our photos and videos while we are traveling, partying, or hiking, has come up and took by storm. This handy and lightweight device has made our vacations and trips more fun and satisfying. This one accessory which is owned by every smartphone user these days.

With the availability of so many brands and that too at affordable rates, buying the best selfie stick in India can be confusing. To help you in your search for the perfect one, this article is listing here 10 Best Selfie Sticks as nowadays nobody seems to bother others to click their beautiful shots when they can help themselves in capturing better pictures.


Check thoroughly if your phone can be perfectly mounted on the clamp of the stick. If your device is small in size, then it will fit perfectly on most selfie stick.

However, bigger phones like new iPhone 6 line or the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge won’t fit in older selfie stick with small clamp size. So, before buying one, ensure the mount of the selfie stick is capable of holding your device.

How to use

Place your smartphone in the monopod holder and use the quick spin knob for fast and secure mounting. Connect the AUX cable from your smartphone’s 3.5 mm jack to the selfie stick handle and you’re fine to take selfies.

Extend it up to 48 cms far, or up to 13.8 cms closer to take best selfies. Fitted with a unique Ball-Head to adjust the camera to any angle rotating by 270 Degree.

Press the button in the handle and take photos videos anytime and anywhere on the go without taking anybody’s help. Fold the selfie stick for its easy portability.

What Our Customers Say

I recommend the Selfie Stick to my nutrition patients because it is based on science for optimal wellness. In my opinion, it’s the best food based Selfie Stick available.

Hansh Gupta

B-Tech Student

I was facing Selfie Stick problems and frosted about this then my friend suggests me about Selfie Stick to use. Now I am happy with my Selfie Stick.

Rani Sharma

House wife

Loving this Mini Ac Fan LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I didn't weigh myself on day one of my Selfie Stick, but I do know that my costumes are fitting better, and everyone is noticing! Looking forward to the healthy and hotter me!..

Ajeet Sharma

MBA Student

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