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Growth On Powder

Rs. 2,490/-

Othayu Balm

Rs. 2,490/-

Fair Look Cream

Rs. 1,590/-

Body Buildo

Rs. 1,790/-

Sweat Slim Belt

Rs. 1,590/-

Selfie Stick

Rs. 300/-

Stop Addiction

Rs. 1,690/-

Hair Gro Therapy

Rs. 1,990/-

Dhan Laxmi Yantra

Rs. 1,890/-

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

Rs. 1,490/-

Allah Barkhat Locket

Rs. 1,290/-

Mini Ac Fan

Rs. 750/-

What Our Customers Say

I recommend the orthayu balm to my nutrition patients because it is based on science for optimal wellness. In my opinion, it’s the best food based orthayu balm available.

Hansh Gupta

B-Tech Student

I was facing orthayu balm problems and frosted about this then my friend suggests me about orthayu balm to use. Now I am happy with my orthayu balm.

Rani Sharma

House wife

Loving this orthayu balm LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I didn't weigh myself on day one of my orthayu balm, but I do know that my costumes are fitting better, and everyone is noticing! Looking forward to the healthy and hotter me!..

Ajeet Sharma

MBA Student

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